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This project presents a digital archive of U.S. anti-mosque cases that have occurred over the past decades. Anti-mosque activism is a significant but understudied element in the rise of anti-Muslim intolerance. This digital archive makes data about anti-mosque activism accessible to scholars, students, activists, and the general public by bringing together materials from multiple sources and developing a media-rich online exhibit of each case.

Next to threats, intimidation, crimes against people and property, anti-Muslim actions and statements by elected officials, and anti-Sharia legislation, campaigns against mosques have become a significant element in anti-Muslim activities in the United States. Following a temporary decrease after the post-9/11 spike, the marked increase in anti-Muslim activism since 2008 has made Islamophobia—the most recognizable term in public debate to refer to anti-Muslim discrimination—one of the most visible forms of religious intolerance in the 21st century.

Although controversy surrounding mosque construction in the United States is not new, the absence of a comprehensive source partially explains why works on mosque controversies largely have focused on single-case studies of highly publicized controversies such as Park 51 in New York City or the Murfreesboro mosque in Tennessee. Providing an accessible entry point into national data on mosque controversies, this digital archive will support the development of this growing body of work in Islamophobia studies.