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In November 2014, the Castle Rock Township Board of Supervisors denied the Al Maghfirah Cemetery Association’s application for a conditional use permit on 73-acres of land zoned residential. The rejection cited the size of the project, loss of tax…

In 2011, a Lutheran school building in Bloomington, MN was converted into the Dar al Farooq Center. Since then, there have been controversies over the center’s disruption of the lives of other residents, as well as how facilities should be shared…

A Phoenix, Arizona, mosque is vandalized while it is under construction. Paint was spilled on the floor and several tall, arched glass windows were broken by what appeared to be gunshots. Anti-muslim graffiti was found on the walls.

image_06_front of masjid_model.jpg
After more than thirty years in the community, the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro (ICM) encounters fierce opposition in 2010 when the county approves ICM’s plans to build a new mosque for its growing congregation. Efforts to thwart the building…
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