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In November 2014, the Castle Rock Township Board of Supervisors denied the Al Maghfirah Cemetery Association’s application for a conditional use permit on 73-acres of land zoned residential. The rejection cited the size of the project, loss of tax…

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In December 2016, a federal district court in Tennessee dismisses for lack of subject matter jurisdiction a claim by the Islamic Center of Nashville (ICN) lawsuit challenging a Tennessee property tax exemption law on religious freedom grounds. In…

In August 2008, the city government of Walkersville, Maryland, rejected a request for a special exception by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (AMC) to build a religious center on a portion of a 224-acre farm in the agricultural zoning district. The…

In early 2017, the Islamic Center of Culpeper (ICC) settled its lawsuit against the County of Culpeper for denying a pump and haul sewage permit for a new mosque construction in a rural zoning district where religious land use was permitted by right.…

In 2008, the Islamic Center of Henrico submits a proposal to rezone a 5.2-acre lot to build a 10,000-square-foot mosque and community center. Mosque opponents raise concerns about increased noise and traffic. After Henrico County denies the…

A documented account of Case No. NJ_07, occurring in Bernard Township, NJ, 07938 from April 2012 to August 2017

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A documented account of Case No. MI_08, occurring in Troy, MI, 48083 from 2018 to present
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