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In March 2019, the Maryum Islamic Center receives online threats in response to a fundraising dinner for a new Islamic Center in Howard County. The threats come less than a week after the mosque massacres of Christchurch, New Zealand. As authorities investigate the threats, CAIR commends local law enforcement agencies for increasing their efforts to keep the local Muslim community safe.


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Proposed Project

The Muslim group purchased a former church building on 5-acre property to use as Islamic center.


The Maryum Islamic Center was able to continue its fundraising events and other functions following the incident. The congregation closed on the property in May 2020 and opened the facility for normal operations shortly thereafter.


When forced to vacate the space that it had leased for several years in Howard County, the Maryum Islamic Center (MIC) began looking for a permanent place of worship. The Center reached a purchase agreement for the former Hosanna Korean Baptist Church on a 5-acre property in Marriottsville. The project was disrupted by online threats targeting members of MIC in response to an advertisement of the group's fundraising dinner for the new property. The threats made against the mosque appeared to reference the Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand a few days earlier (Security increased following threat, 2019, Mar 22).

After they had to vacate the rental property, the ICM members worshiped in a temporary rental space while fundraising for their move into the former Hosanna Korean Baptist Church. In order to cover the costs of this property, the MIC began hosting several fundraisers. On March 21, 2019, the Maryum Islamic Center received an online threat in response to an invitation to a fundraising dinner. The threat was addressed to the Center saying, “You know the only thing you don’t want us to do is really show up right. And here’s what I say I got your address … maybe you’ll be next” (CAIR welcomes stepped-up security, 2019, Mar 23). The use of “maybe you’ll be next” was understood as a reference to the mosque massacres in New Zealand, which had occurred just six days before the threat was made. In response to the incident, Howard County Police increased their presence at and around the mosque and its fundraising events, which CAIR commended (ibid.).

Since the incident, the Maryum Islamic Center has continued its fundraising and was able to close on the new property in May 2020. The congregation was able to begin using the property shortly after minor renovations were completed. 


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