Raleigh, NC

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In October 2017, vandals spray painted “TRUMP”, a racial slur for Muslims, and a swastika on the campaign poster of a Muslim city council candidate in front of the construction site of a local mosque in Raleigh, NC. A re-zoning application for the mosque project had been approved in 2014 and a site plan filed in 2016.


Bryce Bentinck




On October 06, 2017 construction workers construction workers of a mosque and Muslim youth community center reported that a campaign sign in front of the property had been vandalized. The vandals had drawn a swastika, “TRUMP”, and a racial slur for Muslims on the poster, which was in support of Muslim city council candidate Zainab Baloch. Zainab commented on the incident saying: "The vulgar language that was used was very traumatizing; it was hurtful” and that she was aware that by running for the position she may put herself at further risks for these types of attacks, but believed that the city needed more representation in leadership positions (Athans, 2017, October 06). Following the vandalism both CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper and the Muslim American Public Affairs Council called for americans to condemn this act of hate. Baloch was running for one of two at-large city council seats but was not elected, coming in fifth out of 7 candidates with 11% of the popular vote. 


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