Allen County, IN



In December 2019, the Allen County Board of Zoning Appeals rejects by a vote of 4-1 a cemetery proposal by the Muslin Community Help Association of Fort Wayne, citing insufficient planning and justification behind the proposed size of the cemetery and management of the property. The 14-acre, 3,648-site cemetery had been advanced as contingent use on land zoned agricultural. The Help Association applied again in 2021 with a slightly modified proposal addressing some of the concerns raised in the 2019 public hearing before the board. The new proposal was unanimously approved in February 2021.


Ben Damon



Proposed Project

The Muslim Community Help Center attempted to build a 14-acre cemetery with 3,648 graves on land zoned agricultural.


The project was denied in December 2019 by the Allen County Board of Zoning Appeals. The board did not state any reasons for the denial, but during the public hearing, questions were raised about the cemetery's size and the lack of a perpetual care fund for cemetery maintenance.



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